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A Month of Wildebeest Stampedes :iconflareth13:Flareth13 1 0 Chain'd :iconflareth13:Flareth13 0 6
October 17th, 2006
To intoduce the newest readers: I am Daniel, an admin here at Team Magma's Hideaway, the forum based on the villainous team from Pokemon Ruby.
I was at first going to do a normal Let's Play of Pokemon Blue, which I had just got my hands on from Gamestop. Call me weird, but I always like to check out the previous owner's game before I start a new file.
The name: Loki
This "Loki" must have been an avid gamesharker. He had all 151 Pokemon logged and the maximum time you can possibly get on the game.
The saved game started out in Lavender Town. I had always ran through this town with the sound down when I was a child. Now, I just laughed at the thought.
I opened up his Pokemon menu. As I scrolled through his Pokemon, I noticed all of them were Gengar. They also had odd names for Gengar like "Saffron", "Kaze", and "Jax".
I shrugged it off and went to look at his PC Pokemon. Every single box was filled. I checked each box. EVERY SINGLE BOX was filled with
:iconflareth13:Flareth13 23 19
Nintendria Chatty Thing
JaxOfAllTrades has signed on.
JaxOfAllTrades: ....I'm alone.
TheKingOfKVZ has signed on.
JaxOfAllTrades: Now I can plot to make a show about riding dragons.
JaxOfAllTrades: Oh, hi, Clive.
TheKingOfKVZ: Riding dragons?
JaxOfAllTrades: an adventurous teenage boy.....
TheKingOfKVZ: ....Why does this sound so familiar?
JaxOfAllTrades: *shrugs*
Animus_God21 has signed on
Animus_God21: I just got the best picture of Jack. When he thought he was alone....
Animus_God21: -insert Nintendrian link here-
TheKingOfKVZ: xDDDD hawt
TheKingOfKVZ: ....
TheKingOfKVZ: *what
JaxOfAllTrades: .......
FullMetalIdiot has signed on
JaxOfAllTrades: Hey Jack! Clive thinks you're "hawt"
FullMetalIdiot: O_________O
FullMetalIdiot has signed off
TheKingOfKVZ: scared him off.
HealingTouch has signed on
HealingTouch: I will toss puppies at you if you don't put down that shovel, MISTER!
JaxOfAllTrades: You tired?
:iconflareth13:Flareth13 1 5
...Don't ask. :iconflareth13:Flareth13 0 6
Drabble Meme
List ten characters/OCs:
Okay, I will be giving some prompts using the numbers that correspond to the characters. You have to write a little drabbley thing for each.
3 and 7 discover an old scrapbook in the attic.
Summer fun with 1, 4, and 10.
2 finds out 6's deepest, darkest secret.
The nightmares of 8.
5 discovers 1 has kidnapped 9.
4 has a crush on 10.
An epic battle between 7 and 8.
6 gains a superpower.
3 and 4 are caught by 9 in an awkward situation.
10 gets a vacuum cleaner.
2 and 7 get married.
:iconflareth13:Flareth13 0 2
Colin Mochrie :iconflareth13:Flareth13 1 6 Spongebob :iconflareth13:Flareth13 0 0 A Dog :iconflareth13:Flareth13 0 2

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1. Put your iTunes on shuffle. (gonna be using my Windows Media Player filled with Homestuck)
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 5 friends who might enjoy doing the game as well as the person you got the note from. (NOPE)


Your Wedding Song: Orchid Horror- Homestuck (get used to it homestuck's like the only thing on it so I won't list the artist unless it's not Homestuck)

Your Last Words: Pumpkin Party In Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse (omg)

Your Funeral Song: Ugly Betty

What Your Crush/Bf/Gf Thinks Of You: Pink Cat

Your Theme Song: Pumpkin Tide (yes from my favorite album :D)

This Song Was Def Written About Me: Do The Windy Thing (well I believe I'd be a Breath player so)

Instead of "I Do" Your wife/husband Says: Ruins (With Strings)

How This Summer Will Be: Ballad of Awakening

Your Childs first words: Requiem

If 50Cent Wrote A Song About You The Title Would Be: Three In The Morning

Song Youll Meet Your Future Spouse To: Pipeorgankind

The Reason Your Crush Will Marry You: Kalimba- Mr. Scruff (damn computer music)

Should Be Your Ringtone: Requiem of Sunshine and Rainbows

This Song Gets You Hype For Anything: Karkat's Theme (Patron troll woot woot)

Sing You Dance To Naked In Your Room: Noirscape

The Best Party Song: Pilot Light

This Song Reminds You Of The Best Day Of Your Life: A Little Fight Mewsic

What The Cops Says To You When You Get Arrested: Violet Mariner (nope i am not eridan thanks)

What Your Mom Screams When She Walks Into Your Room: Teal Hunter

What Will Be The Theme Song Of Your Birthday Party: Squiddle Song (....oh MY GOD)

What Your Best Friend Said About You Last Night: Mutiny

The Song You Sing Most In The Shower: I Don't Want To Miss a Thing (OMG I AM JOHN IT IS ME)

When Your bf/gf Rejects Your Marriage Proposal-They'll Say: I'm A Member of the Midnight Crew (Post-Punk Version) (......)

Youll Scream When This When You Reach The Top Of Mt Rushmore: Midnight Calliope

Your Message To The World: Lotus (Bloom)

What Your Worst Enemy Sings About You: Dawn Of Man (:D)

Your Secret Admirer Sings About You Every Valentines Day: Three in the Morning (RJ's I Can Barely Sleep In This Casino Remix)

In Front Of A Huge Crowd You'll Scream: Bronze Rebel

This Song Makes You Want To Bake Cookies: No Release

What is some good advice for friends?: Walls Covered in Blood DX (Bonus) (....this sounds so wrong)

You Sing This When Your Mad : Fly (I sing this all the time no matter the emotion)

You Sing This When Your Alone and No One Can See Or Hear: Havoc to Be Wrought

How You Will Die: Wasted- psych0ruins

What You Thought Of This Survey: Earthsea Borealis

I always play this song on Christmas morning: Lancer

How is tomorrow going to be : Crystalanachrony

Will Playing When You Find Out Your Adopted : Even In Death

You Sing This When Your Confused : Terezi's Theme

Your First Words As A TRL Host : Cascade (......YES)

The Best Thing About Me Is : Skies of Skaia

What Your Reality Show Would Be Called: Heirfare

Your Slogan That Will Sell Your Own Onion Rings: Busting Makes Me Feel Good (..........)

Why You're Confused Right Now: Chain of Prospit

What Some Random Homeless Person Will Say After He Calls Your Name: Nakkadile

Your First Album Title: Red Sucker

What Your First Words Will Be When You Find Out Your Going To Be on Real World: Nepeta's Theme

What Your Mother Thinks Of You: Arcade Thunder

First Thoughts Of Your Future Husband or Wife: Beatdown Round 2 (..heh)

Your First Words Were: Cumulating Dreams

You Play This When Your Happy: Doctor

Last Song You Hear Before You Die: ....The Audio Commentary for the Jailbreak album

The Name Of Your First Broadway Play: Aggrievance

The Funniest Phrase You Ever Heard: Gold Pilot
  • Listening to: Gold Pilot


United States
Favourite genre of music: Country, Oldies
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Conch
Favourite cartoon character: The cast of MLP: Friendship is Magic, the Animaniacs cast, Ren Hoek



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